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Under Desk P-Pack 4 x 6C data cut-outs

Under Desk P-Pack 4 x 6C data cut-outs


This Power-Pack unit gives the option for both power and data sockets to be connected from underneath the desk. The unit has integrated mounting brackets which allow it to be fixed directly underneath the desk. Alternatively the unit is ideal to be used with our under desk PUD cable trunking. The units include 6C cut-outs which allow the user to terminate their own data into the unit with data cables exiting the unit through the end cap. The Power Pack also includes a fixed 150mm earthing lead terminated with a ring terminal. The units require one of our Start leads to be powered-up; please see the complimentary items below for a link to the range.


  • The 6C cut-outs give the option for users to terminate their own data directly into the unit
  • The Power Pack's ability to be daisy chained allows the user to combine several units in order to meet any power and data requirements.
    Note: This form of product can only be daisy-chained when it is a power only configuration.The power and data versions cannot be daisy chained together because the data comes out of the box where the next power cable link would otherwise have connected.
  • Power Pack units can be used with any of our wide range of Start leads giving the option for customisation of lead lengths.

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