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Under Desk P-Pack 4-way power feed unit with 16A RCBO

Under Desk P-Pack 4-way power feed unit with 16A RCBO


This Power-Pack unit incorporates a 20mm gland hole to connecting block.

Many modern offices use bus-bar or under floor electrical track systems where the power is ‘tapped’ using a tap off lead that connects to a power feed unit. The Power Pack Power Feed unit allows the tap off lead to be wired to it though 20mm gland hole to a connecting block. The output is a female Wieland connectorgiving the user greater flexibility for the unit to be daisy chained to a desktop power unit or to another desk with an under desk Power Pack.


  • RCBO option gives protection to the unit and any devices that are plugged in.
  • The 20mm gland hole gives the option for a tap-off lead to be connected straight into the terminal block of the unit.
  • Power Pack units can be used with any of our wide range of Start leads giving the option for customisation of lead lengths.

    Note: This form of product can only be daisy-chained when it is a power only configuration.The power and data versions cannot be daisy chained together because the data comes out of the box where the next power cable link would otherwise have connected.


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