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Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure

Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure


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The Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure is a flexible, economic solution to support zone cabling in a variety of enterprise workspaces, enabling shorter easy-to-manage connections directly to building devices such as LED lights, security cameras, wireless access points or building automation controllers, or to outlets serving voice, data or other systems. Designed to meet UL 2043 plenum requirements and install flush within a 2 X 2 ft. drop ceiling tile space, this lightweight EIA/ECA-310-E compliant ceiling enclosure is low profile while offering a 4U adjustable rack system with a recommended maximum 96-port count for copper cabling.

  • 4U Adjustable Rack System - Tilts 45 degrees for easy access to terminations
  • Ample Cable Entry Knockouts and Plastic Cable Bushings - Facilitates routing cables in and out of the enclosure while protecting cables from sharp edges
  • Multiple Mounting Options - Accommodates threaded rod or guide wires
  • Stylish Vents - Enables proper airflow and heat dissipation for remote power applications
  • Lightweight - Only 8kg (18 lbs.) for easy overhead installation
  • Hinged Door with Foam Gasket - Minimize vibration and available with lock or thumblatch

Part Numbers:

ZU-C4P-L02  Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure, 4U, white, key lock. Includes 8 plastic bushings

ZU-C4P-T02  Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure, 4U, white, thumb lock. Includes 8 plastic bushings


Aesthetically Pleasing

Installs flush within drop ceiling and cut ceiling panels easily slide into the door to blend into decor.


Fully adjustable 4U rack system supports a load capacity of 31.7 kg (70 lbs.) with less depth than other ceiling enclosures.


Hinged door and tilting bracket enable easy access to ports to facilitate terminations in a cost-effective zone cabling topology.

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