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External Distribution Cabinets No 6-Green

External Distribution Cabinets No 6-Green


Important - Purchasing information. 
This product has variable lead times ranging from 7 to 10 days. Please contact us for a price and delivery schedule. 

The cabinets No6 are cross connection cabinets manufactured in aluminium.

The cabinets are supplied as standard with heavy duty stainless steel latches and there is provision for secondary security locks.


3mm chrome steel base. Separated from body by full flange rubber gasket to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Two plinth variants are available for cabinet No6 to suit the number of inbound telecom ducts.

No 6 houses 4 ducts and is of the waisted design in the diagram below.

An internal security bracket on the hinge side of the door, prevent the door being removed even if the hinges are forced.

Equipment Mounting (Backboards)

Cabinet No 6 is supplied with backboard for maximum flexibility in mounting equipment.
Alternitavely, the cabinets can be supplied with custom produced boards in stainless steel, aluminium and other custom mounting, on special order.

Optional gauge plates can be provided for mounting pressure gauges and transducers.


No 6 requires prepared sub-surface concrete foundation for installation.

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