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External Distribution 560 Pair Weatherproof Pole Box

External Distribution 560 Pair Weatherproof Pole Box


Important - Purchasing information. 
This product has variable lead times ranging from 7 to 10 days. Please contact us for a price and delivery schedule. 

The 560 Pair Cabinet is a medium security weatherproof cabinet designed for stand alone mounting in locations where wall mounting is not possible and/or a typical ground mounted pillar is not desirable e.g. Railway platforms, open car parks etc.

The rear backboard, typically fitted with dual 28 way 50 frames suitable for 237 connectors, is capable of passing through the door aperture. an alternative backboard, suited for DIN standard terminal rails is also available.

Cable access is via a gland plate attached to the base of the cabinet and may be drilled to suit requirements. Pre-drilled plates are available as an option.


Two post variants are available to suit installation requirements:

Type 22335: Sub-surface for installation in to an unprepared hole and includes anti-drag features to prevent the post being dragged from the hole after installation.

Type 22336: Sub-surface mounting for bolting to prepared flat surfaces.

Both types include integral cable binding points and secure heavy duty covers.

Removable brackets, suitable for wall or Unistrut mounting are also supplied.


Door is secured by two reinforced 1/4 turn latches with facility for additional security locks and has been tested to meet LPS1175 level 2 security rating.

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