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Euro Angled Keystone Adapter - White

Euro Angled Keystone Adapter - White


The Euro Angled Keystone Adapter offers the same features as the Flat Keystone Adapter by providing a method of deploying cat5e or cat6 keystone jacks/modules at outlet level it is 25 x 50mm and fits the standard Flat or Bevelled faceplates.

The angled adapter provides benefits on both the front and rear of the adapter the 45 degree outlet allows for a patch lead angle that effectively protects the patch lead's integrity additionally a majority of office based network equipment resides below the outlet level therefore the angled outlet already points the patch lead in the correct direction to reduce cable snagging.

At the rear the keystone jack/module would be mounted at an opposing 45 degrees once again reducing the required bend radius of the cable that runs to the termination point.

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