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30m roll x 150mm wide x 6mm thick



Please note that the minimum order quantity for this product is 6
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Our cable matting is manufactured of a lightweight and flexible synthetic foamed PVC/NBR rubber with a fine closed cell structure. The matting serves as an ideal solution for protection and insulation of data cables.

Our nitrile foamed rubber absorbs any surface irregularities from baskets to concrete and/or timber flooring. Our cable matting is also designed to provide a thermal and moisture resistant barrier thus optimising standards for buildings regulations and in turn copes with conservation and efficiency with regards to cold reduction and heat loss.

The matting meets and exceeds European and worldwide fire resistance regulations including Class ‘1’ resistance to fire propagation BS476 - Class ‘1’ Part 7 and UK Classification – Class ‘O’ BS476 – Part 6. A resistance to flame spread > European DIN 4102 and Self Extinguishing properties to Worldwide acknowledged ASTM tests (D635) with additional features to meet further FR requirements of UL 94 – V-O

Manufactured and regulated to BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 our product is CFC and HCFC free.

We offer a variety of thicknesses widths and lengths to suit any requirement. This 6mm thick model is ideal for use within basket and cable trays.

Our Matting cushions and protects cables in difficult or irregular areas and also protects against possible cable corrosion from water and dust.

Our cable matting keeps your cables protected and insulated at a highly competitive price.

Key Features:

  • 6mm thick for use in baskets
  • Foils and Adhesives to further aid difficult or irregular installations
  • Meets fire resistance requirements for Class ‘O’ (British building regulations) BS 476 Class ‘1’
  • A fine closed cell structure is highly resistant to water penetration
  • The nitrile foam rubber absorbs surface irregularities further protecting the cable from sharp edges or ridges.
  • Can be laid below raised floors
  • Lightweight and flexible and easy to install
  • Matting comes in a variety of thicknesses widths and lengths
  • The matting can be cut to length as required by the user
  • Lengths can be joined with our cable matting tape which also conforms to all fire standards
  • Provides a cost-efficient energy-reserving solution to data cable protection


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