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Racks & Management

Server Racks & Cabinets

We offer a variety of cabinets to suit all types of data centre deployments, our range starts with entry level floor standing cabinets and extends to custom configurations & dimensions with built-in heat containment solutions. The racks/cabinets we supply can be ordered with or without cladding to suit our baying kits mentioned further down this page. A selection of accessories can also be pre-assembled into the cabinet.

Patching Frames

For an environment that does not require a full size rack/cabinet installation, patching frames may be more desireable. These patching frames are designed for this purpose alone with a vertical cable trays for bulk cable managment along with cable management arms to route cables from patching equipment.

The KitLock 1000 NetCode

The KitLock 1000 NetCode allows temporary access to lockers and cabinets via the web-based NetCode Portal.

NetCode is activated prior to the lock owner shipping and installing at a remote site. The NetCode Portal allows you to register and set up your account, activate your locks and generate time-sensitive codes. 

Using time-sensitive codes is a more secure way to grant access as the code will not work outside a designated timeslot. Generated codes can be sent by email or SMS to any email account or mobile phone.

The NetCode Process

  • Create an online account and register your lock on the NetCode Portal
  • The portal enables you to create NetCodes from any browser capable, internet enabled device
  • Create a NetCode that will work between a start and end date - ideal for long durations
  • Create a NetCode that will work from a particular date and time - ideal for short durations - up to one day
  • Send codes via SMS* or email
  • View history of each lock - displays all codes created for a lock including start date, duration, who received the code and additional notes
  • Customise your portal and notifications
  • Ideal for remote lockers/cabinets and rental applications

Rack/Cabinet Identification - Laser Engraved Labelling

We can offer an option for rack identification using digital laser engraving. This results in a professional finished label which is yields greater clarity than conventional self-adhesive inkjet labels. The ink on the digital labels is of an external grade meaning it is much more UV stable than laser engraved labels which are internal grade only.

Rack/Cabinet Baying Kits

We offer baying kits to secure racks/cabinets of the same size by fixing the sides of top and bottom end frames together. This method of joining cabinets results in greater lateral stability when installing equipment.