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Rack Buying Guide


What is a Rack?
Racks are frame structures designed for mounting standard 19" rack-mount equipment—servers, routers, switches, audio/video— and have universal vendor compatibility . They provide rack equipment organization, security and cable management while enabling airflow. There are two basic types: rack enclosures (also called rack cabinets) and open-frame racks.

Where are Racks used?
  • Server rooms and data centres
  • Audio/video installations
  • Closets housing telecommunications equipment 
What type of rack do you require?
  1. Rack enclosures for security and equipment protection
    - Matrix Data Network Cabinets 
    - USpace Cabinets

  2. Rack enclosures where there is limited space
    - Matrix Mini Server cabinets
    - Matrix Mini Cabinet
    - Matrix Wall Cabinets

  3. Racks with special features

    3a. Acoustic Cabinets – for effective noise reduction
    - UCoustic Cabinets
    - Selentium Cabinets
    - ColdLogic Cabinets 

    3b. Tough Environments – a lot of dust and/or damp 
    - IP Rated Cabinets

    3c. Heat Management 
    - ColdLogic Cabinets

What size of rack do you need?
The height of a rack, and the height of equipment in it, is expressed in "rack units" (a rack unit is 1.75 inches, or 44.45mm).
The actual height of a 27U rack is therefore 27 x 1.75 = 47.25 inches. A 2U server would occupy two of the available 27 rack units.

Be sure to make an accurate assessment of the amount of rack space you currently need, and allow for future growth.

Rack Width & Depth
In terms of width 600mm and 800mm are the most common. A wider 800mm server rack or cabinet provides additional room for cabling or patching and enables easier cable management. Generally servers are getting shorter and deeper. Our cabinets range from 600mm to 1200 mm in depth. Make sure your server rack or cabinet is deeper than your deepest piece of equipment to allow for some internal working space.

Weight limit & Racks
Racks have a weight limit. Make sure that the capacity of the rack is greater than the total weight of the equipment being mounted.

Do you need any special features?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard requires that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Expansion models can be bayed together easily to form rows, which is ideal for hot-aisle/cold-aisle cooling techniques.
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Heat Removal
Thermal Duct Rack Enclosures directly connect to a facility’s exhaust system to remove hot air not only from the rack but from the entire room.

Flatpack Shipping
Racks ship fully assembled for easy installation. However, sometimes doorways or tight spaces cannot accommodate fully assembled racks, so knockdown models ship disassembled for easier transportation.
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Some data center sites host multiple users in a single Rack Cabinet. Co-location models have two separate compartments to allow secure access to the correct users.
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Cable Management and accessories
Shelves, mounting rails, stabilization, cooling, patch panels, hardware kits, casters, and more enable custom installations to accommodate any space limitation or expansion requirement.