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Power & Monitoring

Telecoms & Voice Power cables

6381Y Cable to BS6004

Suitable for AC and DC power supplies on Telecom equipment and power applications where flexibility is required.


6381 LSZH Cable

For installation where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a potential threat to life and equipment. Suitable for D.C. power supplies on Telecom equipment and power applications where flexibility is required. The cables produce no corrosive gases when burnt which is important where electronic equipment is installed.

Conventional & Custom Power Distribution Strips

We can offer conventional rack mounted power distribution strips allowing power to be routed to equipment. The sockets can be either individually fused and switched or just fused and switched once on the strip iteslf. A variety of plug/socket combinations are available with the option of a bespoke combination suiting your requirements. 

For more information regarding plug/socket types data sheet download coming soon! 

Unsure of what distribution strip to use in your data centre? Call us to discover what distribution strips are popular in existing installations!

Raritan Dominion PX

Raritan provide a solution to power control through the use of their intelligent power management strips. The Dominion PX range consists of either vertical or horizontal orientated products allowing installation into a variety of environments. This range of products allows administrators and facility managers to maintain a consistent control over data centre power. Control is offered through direct interface or through a web interface utilising several connection methods including serial, TCP/IP, telnet and SNMP.

 Environmental Monitoring & Alert System

Monitoring a data centre’s environments remotely is essential to maintain up-time and system stability. We offer an ethernet based solution allowing monitoring via web browser or via a SNMP network management system. This facility accommodates a variety of sensors to include temperature, humidity & power levels alongside additional components of which constant monitoring may be required.

When a components recorded data exceeds a preset threshold, the automated alert system broadcasts to a list of predetermined contacts/administrators via SMS, email & voice messaging through a 24x7 alert centre to ensure escalation procedure is followed.

The alert system is a subscription based service, one subscription required per registered device. To discuss environmental monitoring further please contact us on the following number or email address.