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Because of the high sensitivity of fiber-optic PIC receivers, you must keep the PIC connectors clean and free of dust. Small micro-deposits of oil and dust in the canal of the SC connector could cause loss of light, reducing signal power and possibly causing intermittent problems with the optical connection. For this purpose the following products are generally used:

An Optical Fibre Clean Pen is a high-performance non–alcohol cleaner designed to especially work well with female fibre adapters. The pen cleans the ferrule end faces inside the couplers without having to remove the connector from the adapter. One would simply insert into the coupler connector and press this removes dust, oil, and other debris without nicking, scratching or leaving alcohol bloom on the end face.
A box containing a non-alcohol superfine textile tape can easily and efficiently clean the fibre end face without nicking or scratching the surface or leaving alcohol bloom, to maintain good quality optical connections. Note that usually cassette tapes within the box need replacement after 500+ cleaning operations.
A tool kit which can consist of the above items all contained within a robust foam lined carrying case.

Why Use Fiber Optic Dust Caps?
Dust caps do a great job at protecting fiber optic connector end-faces from contact with objects that can scratch, chip, crack or otherwise physically damage the polished core of the fiber. Dust caps also provide ferrule protection and are ideal for protecting connectors from physical damage while in storage or in transit. If you accidentally drop a connector that's wearing a dust cap, chances are it will survive the fall. It advisable to install dust caps on any fiber optic connector that is not actively in use.

Dust caps can be purchased alone, and some fiber optic connectors come with protective caps already installed. Typically, the cap is a sleeve or boot that is closed at one end and which fits tightly over the ferrule of the fiber optic connector.