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Fibre based technologies are being used in an increasing number of broadcast applications. One example is the use in outside broadcast (OB) situations, either live or recorded. The trend in OB locations is for wider coverage areas and an increasingly large number of coverage points to be linked. The industry has standardised on radio cameras for such operations, which allows more extensive coverage, but issues remain regarding the link between the OB control van and the remote receive points for the wireless cameras. These connections, often to multiple locations, have to handle a significant number of HD feeds from the cameras, which are operating in dual or quad diversity modes. 

These examples are beyond the limit of triax, which traditionally has been used in OB situations. Fibre based connections offer much higher performance signal transmission over tens of kilometres and are lighter and faster to deploy in temporary OB locations. The benefits of using fibre in OB and other broadcast applications has been made possible by miniaturising the O/E transmitters and receivers. These small form factor modules can be built into wireless camera receivers to convert the raw or down converted broadcast signal onto fibre for relay back to the OB control van. Such diversity based camera receiver units are available from several manufacturers and have been deployed in stadiums, race tracks and even golf courses as they steadily replace conventional triax solutions.