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Cooling & Airflow

 Air Sealing Grommet

The GTAG11 is a circular airsealing grommet, fitting a 127mm diameter opening. Made from Vo Flame Retardant materials, this 2 part interlocking construction with 4 self-tapping screws eliminates by-pass air through the use of circular overlapping brushes which form a natural air seal around the cables. The cable opening is wide enough to allow a16amp and/or 32amp commando socket to pass through the bristles. The bristles then align to form a tight air seal around the flexible conduit.  This improves the efficiency of the datacentre and the cooling performance, whilst reducing running costs.

Overall Dimension: 165mm

Cut Out Dimension: 127mm

Max Cable Area: 100mm Diameter

Air Guard Extreme Grommet

The Air-Guard EXTREME is the best brush profiled air sealing grommet on the market.The overlapping brush system and flexible secondary gasket seal allow for:  reduced bypass airflow, increased under-floorstatic pressure, increased cooling efficiencies, reduced running and infrastructural costs, improved air cooling performance of grilles and/or perforated panels, reduced carbon footprint. Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle best practice is promoted. The unit is also supplied with a safety lid for use during fit out prior to cabling. This means that the unit can be installed easily and well in advance of computer racks, without compromising safety. The GTAG2 is easy to cable and the neoprene gasket stretches to accommodate large cable bundles. All the materials used in the construction of the GTAG2 are V0 fire rated.

Overall Dimension: 275mm x 210mm x 38mm

Cut Out Dimension: 230mm x 165mm

Cold Aisle Containment

We provide a method for Datacentres to migrate from a conventional 'hot aisle'/ 'cold aisle' layout to a cold aisle containment based solution. The transition to a contained solution allows the management of air circulation across the datacentre floor, resulting in a reduction in room temperatures and power consumption, in turn netting reductions in overhead costs and an increase in electronic component lifespan and stability.

Cold Logik ™ High Density Cooling & Power Saving Solutions

Cold Logik cooling solutions are based on a modular construction allowing for rapid deployment and expansion. The main benefit of the Cold Logik system is that it negates the need for hot or cold aisle deployment by potentially eliminating the need for conventional CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units as the cooling is confined to the rack, not the room. This results in the heat being removed at the source and not through the recirculation of air, greatly reducing operating costs.


The KoldLok range of raised floor grommets have been designed to eliminate bypass airflow where communications or power cabling is routed up through the floor. The KoldLok range does not stop at raised floor tiles, offering bypass airflow elimination at perimiter openings. The reduction in bypass airflow contributes towards a reduction in equipment hotspots, cooling inefficiencies & infrastructure costs. 96% typical sealing effectiveness with four 1/2 inch cables installed through the grommet.


The Hotlok Blanking Panel is a snap-in panel designed to control airflow within a rack/cabinet environment. Installation is achieved via a snap-in/easy-pull mechanism into either a 1U or a 2U space. The panel provides a 99% effective seal resulting in optimized cooling effectiveness throughout the cabinet and potentially resulting in a redcution in air conditioning operating costs.

Upsite temperature strips can be fixed to the HotLok product above using the self-adhesive strip on the back of the strip. The strip displays the temperature using a liquid crystal thermometer showing 10 - 39 degrees C in increments of 1 degree or 50 - 102 degrees F in increments of 2 degrees. Temperatures are colour coded using suggested optimal operating ranges from ASHRAE's thermal guidelines publication.