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Essential Contractor Tools

Essential Matrix Contractor Tools

Great products that will make your life easier on site,
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The Cable Comb allows you dress cables, that will look amazing with very little extra effort
The innovative Data Cable Comb - Dress cables in half the time



The TrakAll™ tone probe can trace voice, data, and video cables and detect cable faults.
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Non-conductive tip
  • Replaceable probe tip
  • Integrated generator storage
  • Conserves battery power with automatic power down

The Tri Tester™ is the all-in-one tool for finding cable faults in Data, Telephone, and Coax cables
  • Tests Voice (6 wire), Data (8 wire) and Video (coax)
  • Tone generation over voice, data and video cables, with 4 different tones
  • Maps 19 locations at one time
  • Low power consumption for long battery life