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 Matrix Fibre Splice Cassette – HD Tray™

Matrix HD Tray™ is a high density fibre splice cassette designed to fit in the Matrix GigaPatch™ splice cabinet system. Currently the cassette is widely used and approved in major mobile networks and will also fit and retain full functionality in previously installed cabinets from Huber and Suhner and Splice. Given its low cost, ease of installation, quality and performance the Matrix HD Tray™ is leadingthe way through innovation and design.

The cassette is supplied with 24 LC,24/36 MU or 16 SC connections and splice protectors in a small footprint. The runner system allows for full protection and access to fibres whilst the hinging system gives quick and easy access to the cassette in the case of repair or re-routing.

 Matrix HD Tray™ features Pigtail and Fibre separation through the use of both sides of the cassette, excess fibre management and fully managed fibre bend radius throughout. The tray is designed to meet network requirements and includes a patented splice protection block for up to 36 splices, along with a position for mounting Matrix GigaSplit™ splitters. Each cassette has a clear lid for further protection and labelling and a full supply of labels are included in the package.

Used alongside the Matrix GigaDuct™ ducting and the Matrix HD GIGAPATCH Splice Cabinet ODF™, this new product can benefit all within the telecoms sector by providing an efficient solution to growing capacity problems within the industry.

CBN offers a complete package and can recommend approved installation contractors for site survey, installation and commissioning if required.

Dimension (mm) approx: 200 x 260 x17

Weight incl. packaging (kg): 0.30

Material: ABS / PC Halogenfree and flame-retardant (UL94 V-0)

Colour: Grey/Yellow

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Matrix HD GIGAPATCH Splice Cabinet – ODF™

The Matrix GigaPatch™Splice cabinet is a high density ODF designed to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunication industry. Working seamlessly with both our HD Tray™ and Matrix GigaDuct™ systems, this new product can benefit all within the telecoms sector by providing a complete, efficient solution to growing capacity problems within the industry.

Currently the Matrix HD GigaPatch™ ODF is widely used and approved in major mobile networks. Given its low cost, ease of installation, quality and performance the Matrix GigaPatch™ cabinet is leading the way through innovation and design.

There are 80 HD Fibre splice cassette slots, providing the following maximum capacity: LC - 1920 Ports /SC - 1280 / MU – 2880(36). Cabinets are available with either top or bottom entry and the Matrix GigaDuct™ system is incorporated for easy and reliable cable management.

With flexible access for all cabling, 35mm Bend radius protection throughout the cabinet and an efficient cable management system, the design protects ODF fibres by working alongside the Miniflex™ cabling that manages each fibre.

CBN offers a complete package and can recommend approved installation contractors for site survey, installation and commissioning if required.

Dimension (mm) approx:H2250 x W=750 x Dx300

Weight incl. (empty):120KG

Material: ABS/PC

Colour: Grey/Yellow


Splitters for Matrix HD Tray™ and other applications – Matrix GigaSplit HD™

Matrix GigaSplit™HD range of PLC and FBT splitters are designed to fit in the HD Tray range of ODF trays and offer excellent performance while retaining a small fitting footprint. Fully compatible with LiSA and Splice systems. 

  • Designed to meet Telcordia GR-1209 and GR1221
  • All connector types available including LC, SC, and FC, ST and MU or no connector for splicing.
  • All fibre types G652-G657 available
  • Fibre cladding dimensions available or bare fibre
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent Uniformity
  • Variable split values
  • Halogen free and flame-retardant (UL94 V-0)

 The Gigaduct System

Protecting your fibre, for secure communication

Gigaduct is a flexible duct system for fibre optic cables specifically produced and designed for Global Markets. The system is fully enclosed protecting the fibre from dirt and dust, the duct is strong enough to protect cables against the most rigorous of conditions. It is manufactured from a Halogen free, flame-retardant UL94/V0plastic. The product is designed to meet material specifications required throughout Europe. The system is easy to assemble. The only tools required are a drill, a screwdriver and a saw to cut the channels to length. The system is designed for speed of installation and minimum labour for the installer. The easy access covers allows fibre optic cables to be installed or removed at any time without the need to disconnect the whole system. The system is extremely adaptable and will evolve to suit this demanding market. Currently it is supplied in four sizes: 50mmx 50mm, 100mm x 100mm, 200mm x 100mm & 300mm x 100mm. CBN offer a complete design package to assist you with the layout of your ducting system.


Cable Management Bars & Dump Panels

Management Bars and Dump Panels are used to tidy patch cables in rack and cabinet environments. Retaining cables with the management bar results in less stress on the cables and their corresponding terminations, resulting in a higher reliability of connections throughout the cabinet or rack. Dump panels also offer cable containment routing the cables through the rack together ensuring a tidy installation resulting in quicker installation and configuration of equipment.

Secure IT Cage

We can provide a means of securing or storing IT equipment in your server, office or shared access rooms. The Secure I.T Cage is based on a modular, solid steel bolted construction, allowing the cage to be easily assembled and modified for future expansions. Available with a choice of either hinged, slide or wardrobe doors ensuring the cage can be installed in any space provided. 

Should construction/installation be required, we can arrange for a team of engineers to complete the installation for you ensuring that your engineers can remain focused on more important work.

Pre-Terminated Cabling Solutions

FibreQuick pre-terminated cables allow for a reduction in installation time & deployment costs by utilising a 'pull & plug' based solution allowing direct routing into ODFs (optical distribution frames). The pre-terminated fibres consist of up to 24 cores, with a range of sheaths catering for both indoor and outdoor use with the latter including a steel tape armoured cable derivative. We also offer fibre solutions based on the MPO/MTP connector allowing for high density rapid deployments. Typical deployments of MPO/MTP based solutions include for 12 fibre cores however 6 fibre and 24 fibre options are available.

Pre-terminated solutions are customised for each requirement including length and termination type, avoiding complications such as on-site fibre termination and preventing a situation where excess fibre is present in the cabinet/distribution frame.

Basket & Floor Matting

Our nitrile foamed rubber absorbs any surface irregularities, from baskets to concrete and/or timber flooring. Our cable matting is also designed to provide a thermal and moisture resistant barrier, thus optimising standards for buildings regulations and in turn copes with conservation and efficiency with regards to cold reduction and heat loss.

The matting meets and exceeds European and worldwide fire resistance regulations including Class ‘1’ resistance to fire propagation, BS476 - Class ‘1’ Part 7 and UK Classification– Class ‘O’ BS476 – Part 6. A resistance to flame spread > European DIN 4102,and Self Extinguishing properties to Worldwide acknowledged ASTM tests (D635)with additional features including the compatibility to meet further FR requirements of UL 94 – V-O

Manufactured and regulated to BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 our product is CFC and HCFC free.

We offer a variety of thickness, widths and lengths to suit any requirement. This 13mm  thick model is ideal for placing directly onto screed or timber surfaces to protect cables that run below the floor.

Our Matting cushions and protects cables in difficult or irregular areas and also protects against possible cable corrosion from water and dust.

Our cable matting keeps your cables protected and insulated at a highly competitive price.

Key Features:

  • 13mm thick for use directly on or/under flooring
  • Foils and Adhesives to further aid difficult or irregular installations
  • Meets fire resistance requirements for Class‘O’ (British building regulations), BS 476 Class ‘1’
  • A fine closed cell structure is highly resistant to water penetration
  • The nitrile foam rubber absorbs surface irregularities, further protecting the cable from sharp edges or ridges.
  • Can be laid below raised floors
  • Lightweight and flexible and easy to install
  • Matting comes in a variety of thickness, widths and lengths
  • The matting can be cut to length as required by the user
  • Lengths can be joined with our cable matting tape, which also conforms to all fire standards
  • Provides a cost-efficient, energy-reserving solution to data cable protection


Easy Path (EZ Path)

Conventional cable firestopping methods require you to remove firestopping as cables are added. When it comes to traditional firestopping methods, you never stop paying. With the EZ-Path® System, firestopping is a one-time event! No sealant, putty, or foam pads to remove and replace. Nothing to adjust. Nothing to loosen and re-tighten! The fast acting intumescence material responds to heat or flames by rapidly expanding quickly sealing the conduit preventing flames and noxious fumes from spreading into other rooms.